Government says more families to get $25-a-day child care

Young child at the launch of Alberta’s Early Learning and Child Care Center pilot program, April 2017. – GOA Photo

by Morinville News Staff

The Government of Alberta says it is keeping its promise to expand access to affordable child care with a plan to create up to 78 additional $25-a-day Early Learning and Child Care Centres through an agreement with the Government of Canada.

The pilot program was launched last spring, and the expansion will create an additional 4,500 affordable child care spaces, giving families across Alberta access to what the province says is quality, $25-a-day childcare.

Alberta’s 22 existing Early Learning and Child Care Centres include five in Edmonton and one in Westlock. With this second round of applications, the government hopes to see a total of up to 100 centres in communities throughout Alberta.

In June of this year, Alberta signed a Multilateral Early Learning and Child Care Framework with federal, provincial and territorial partners. The government says the expansion of the Early Learning and Child Care Centres is based on this foundation of federal investment in affordable child care across Canada.

“Child care in Alberta is far too expensive for families, and that’s exactly why our government is taking action to make affordable, quality child care more accessible,” said Danielle Larivee, Minister of Children’s Services, in a release Tuesday. “Our work with the Government of Canada and child care professionals in Alberta is the next step towards making life better for families with universal, affordable, quality child care in Alberta.”

Non-profit organizations or those interested in becoming non-profit child care providers have until Jan. 31, 2018 to apply for a three-year operating grant.

Those interested in becoming a centre can find an application at

More information on existing centres can be found at

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  1. I know families are going to like this.. But has anyone one looked at the Alberta Debt lately.. So I must ask where is the money going to come from and PLEASE don’t tell me that the Alberta economy is on a rebound… NOT!!! People, the NDPeers are going to have the province so far in debt that we will never be debt free!!! This is nothing more than a way to get votes and a reason to add a Provincial Sales Tax on top of a Carbon tax after they think they will be re-elected.. These NDPeers have and are chasing away businesses. And simply put, the money is not going to be there so you can see the money coming to pay for all this is coming out of YOUR pocket and your provincial taxes will be through the moon. I know, I lived under these guys in Saskatchewan and BC. Oh, one more thing, you can expect more NDP gifts and handouts before the next election. All stuff we cannot afford.

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