Morinville RCMP looking for speeders this month

by Morinville News Staff

Morinville RCMP and its law enforcement partners will be focusing their attention on speeders and high-risk driving behaviours in the month of April. Each month, policing agencies in the province focus on a different aspect of traffic safety.

But Morinville is not alone in the RCMP targeting. Bon Accord, Gibbons, Alexander First Nations, Legal, and hamlets and roadways within Sturgeon County will also be monitored.

“With Spring now here children will be out and about in the playground areas,” said Constable Sheldon Robb in a media release. “Please be aware.”

Within the RCMP media release, police are reminding drivers that driving even a few kilometres per hour over the posted speed limit reduces your ability to steer safely around curves or objects on the road, decreases your field of vision and your peripheral vision, and extends the distance required to stop your vehicle in emergency situations. Additionally, police caution that speeding reduces your ability to obey traffic control devices such as red lights and stop signs.

With more children out and about, the Morinville RCMP are reminding drivers that the speed limit in both urban and rural school zones and playground zones is 30 km/h, and passing is not permitted in either school or playground zones during the times the zones are in effect.

In general, RCMP points out that almost three out of every ten fatal crashes are the result of driving at unsafe speed for the road conditions.

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