Second vaccine doses available for all Albertans by end of June

Premier Jason Kenney announced Tuesday, the first day of loosened restrictions, that all Albertans will soon be able to receive a second dose of vaccine. As of Tuesday, 2.8 million doses have been administered. To date 63.4 per cent of Albertans aged 12-plus having received at least one dose.

“Every Albertan who has received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine will be able to book their second dose by the end of the month,” Kenney said. “This will provide Albertans with even more protection as we get ready to be open for summer and get back to normal. Please do your part by booking your second doses so we can beat COVID-19, once and for all.”

Second-dose appointments will be eligible throughout June, depending on when the first dose was administered.

  • Anyone vaccinated in March or earlier can book their second dose starting June 1.
  • Anyone vaccinated in April can book their second dose starting June 14.
  • Anyone vaccinated in May can book their second dose starting June 28.

Although AHS and participating pharmacies who administered the first dose will remind Albertans they are eligible for their second dose, Albertans do not need to wait to be contacted to book an appointment once they become eligible.

Second dose appointments can be made online through the AHS website, by calling 811 or through participating pharmacies and physicians’ offices. Second doses will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pfizer and Moderna intervals will be lowered over time to a minimum of three to four weeks as supply becomes available and we work through the eligible groups. AstraZeneca intervals will also be lowered over time to a minimum recommended length of eight weeks or more for best effectiveness.\

Albertans who received an AstraZeneca dose in March or earlier can now book second-dose appointments. Anyone who received it in April or May should wait until eight weeks have passed since their first dose before booking.

Those who received a first dose of AstraZeneca can book a second appointment for AstraZeneca online AHS booking site, calling 811, or going to a pharmacy listed on the Alberta Blue Cross website They can also book their second appointment for an mRNA vaccine through participating pharmacies or AHS

You can Book your COVID-19 vaccine appointment online.

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