Letter: Canadian Armed Forces Day

Bill 15

Today marks an Anniversary, one in which brings joy, uncertainty and gratitude too many.   Today marks the Anniversary of D-Day, it also happens to be Canadian Armed Forces Day, June 6 2021.   I would like to thank all current serving members, Veterans and those that paid the ultimate sacrifice in serving this great nation.  I am a 34 year Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, and the current Legion President.  It is with great honour that I take the time and thank the Armed Forces Community of Morinville and Area.  This message is not only for the members and the Veterans, it is for the families that make it possible for us to complete our career.  I thank you as well.

To say that this year has been difficult is an understatement, the Legion has faced many challenges in the height of the pandemic, however, like most, we will be back open soon enough.  This year also signifies the 100 year Anniversary of the Poppy and the 75th Anniversary of the Morinville Legion Branch 176.  My hope as President is to bring great awareness of the Legion to the community as we open our doors and welcome back Family,  Friends and even strangers alike.

The plight of the Canadian Armed Forces member is one that I know well, my service has been long, my deployments extensive (Golan, Middle East, Bosnia, Afghanistan), I have also served with all three Battalions throughout my career.

What being in the Armed Forces member has meant for me, is that I was lucky enough to go “camping” A LOT.  I got to see the tragedy of the world and come home to this great beautiful country.  I was lucky enough to see the country come together in heartache, during the Manitoba floods, the Fort Mac Fire, Ice Storms in Ontario and lastly during the Pandemic.   I met a group of people that today are not only my friends but my family.    I got to see the world, places you might never see, people you may never meet challenges only another member could relate to.  Being an Armed forces member also brought some challenges and adversity. However, one thing would never change, is how much I enjoyed my service, and how being called a Veteran is an honour.

To All My Brothers and Sisters in Arms, past present and who paid the ultimate sacrifice Thank you for all that you do.  It does not go unnoticed nor does it.  To the families, thank you in your continued support of each and every one of us.

In Comradeship,

Kelvin Kuzyk (Sgt)

President Morinville Legion Branch 176

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