Morinville Council Briefs

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by Colin Smith

Town $1.8 million to the good a quarter in

At the end of the first quarter of the year, the Town of Morinville is $1.8 million to the good. Chief Administrative Officer Stephane Labonne highlighted the better-than-budgeted position to Council at its Tuesday regular meeting while presenting the 2021 First Quarter Review. Following acceptance of the review, Council voted unanimously for a motion by Councillor Stephen Dafoe calling on Administration to provide Council with monthly financial updates.

Town recognizing 2021 Grads with a charitable donation

The Town will be contributing $2,000 to Morinville Community High School to be used be for a donation by this year’s graduating class to a local charity of its choice. The decision to recognize the 2021 grads in this fashion was made by Council at its regular meeting Tuesday. An amount prorated to the number of Morinville-based students will also be provided to Sturgeon Composite, École Alexandre-Taché in St. Albert and Father’s House Christian School in Sturgeon County for the same purpose.

Edmonton Global seeking financial contribution to EIA

Morinville is being asked to contribute to a $15 million fund to help get the Edmonton International Airport back on its feet in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Council heard a presentation in which representatives of the airport and the investment promotion body Edmonton Global outlined the importance of air services for Edmonton region municipalities. Discussion of the request was referred to Council’s June 15 Committee of the Whole meeting in a 5-2 vote with Councillors Dafoe and Richardson in opposition.

Government-issued computers

Members of the new Town Council elected in October will be provided with standardized electronic devices. The Town-supplied devices are intended to increase security, allow for better IT assistance for Council members and be compatible with new meeting management software being adopted. The cost of purchasing the electronic devices for Council members is included in the 2021 Operating Budget. Council voted in favour of the measure, except for Councillor Scott Richardson, who has expressed skepticism about the usefulness of the devices.

Some properties go to tax sale

Council has approved a tax auction sale for four local properties whose taxes are long in arrears. The sale is set for September 15, 3 p.m., at St. Germain Place – 2nd Floor, Council Chambers, 10125-100 Avenue. The properties involved are: Tax Roll #16900; Legal Description Plan RN8; Block – ; Lot 11; Reserve bid $460,000. Tax Roll #23100; Legal Description Plan RN8; Block – ; Lot 75; Reserve bid $500,000. Tax Roll #990049; Legal Description Plan 1624352; Block 1; Lot 11 – S/N GBL8612Y3CE4577; Reserve bid $30,000. Tax Roll #900056; Legal Description Plan 1624352; Block 1; Lot 11 – S/N 16-0877; Reserve bid $110,000.

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