Council gets preview of Roseridge site plan and future changes

by Colin Smith

Town Council got a look at the proposed site plan for a revamped Roseridge Waste Management facility during one of a number of presentations at its Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday.

Manager Susan Berry displayed the site plan at the conclusion of her Roseridge Waste Management Services Commission Update.

Berry told Council the concept plan for the site had been recently approved by the Commission and a development plan will be submitted to Sturgeon County this summer.

The project is expected to go to tender in December or January, with construction to start in the early spring of next year and completion set for 2023.

As part of the renovations, the facility entrance and the recycling area will be relocated. Commercial and residential traffic will be separated for safety and to provide a more user-friendly experience, with residential traffic no longer having to go up the hill to the dumping area. A new area will provide space for community events, including reuse-it and household hazardous waste.

Another recent change is the introduction of a minimum charge of $4.91, which kicked in January 1, 2022. Berry said the practice is common in other municipalities and the rate is still highly subsidized for municipal members.

The Roseridge landfill is estimated to have 40 to 50 more years of space left, and the facility strategic plan is being updated to provide for more value-added and innovative solutions to waste that will attract new customers and new investments.

“Ten years from now we see ourselves as being a major employer in the region, operating transportation and community collection sites in multiple locations,” said Berry.

“We are hoping that over time residents will see us as more than just a landfill. We want to support waste diversion, circular economy and innovative processes.”

Councillor Stephen Dafoe is the Morinville representative on the Roseridge Waste Management Services Commission and also chair. Councillor Lawrence Giffen is the alternate representative for Morinville.


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