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What’s Cooking: The perfect 5-minute breakfast alternative for your on-the-go lifestyle

(NC) Mornings are busy. And once the kids are back in school, this time of day can feel downright hectic. Since breakfast is an integral component to the morning routine, whipping up something that’s ultra quick, easy and healthy can go a long way in easing into the start of your day. […]

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Breakfast major fundraiser for local group

by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville — Pancakes, waffles, bacon, ham, eggs, and toast come out of the Rendez-Vous Centre’s kitchen in a steady stream whenever the Knights of Columbus (KOC) get together to hold a community breakfast. The local Catholic Fraternal Order holds a monthly breakfast nine months out of the year, taking a break in July, August and December.

“It’s a fundraiser for us,” said Knight Henry Lamoureux. “Actually, right now, it is our biggest fundraiser. We have a lot of charities asking us for money and that’s how we help them.”… […]