Column: Budget 2021 shows a lack of effort to find savings

Budget 2021 blew the roof off spending restraint, leaving taxpayers with a simple question: businesses and families have found ways to save money during the pandemic and downturn, so why is the Alberta government the only place that can’t find savings? […]


Lockdown raises cost Albertans $18.7 million, CTF says

The Canadian Tax Payers Federation announced Wednesday that documents it has obtained, through a freedom of information request, indicate that more than 7,300 Alberta government employees received pay raises in 2020. […]


Opinion: PST will cause pain but won’t fix the budget

Alberta’s finances are a mess. By the end of the year, Alberta will have the largest deficit in the province’s history coupled with a $100-billion debt tab. Almost like clockwork, some academics are recommending a provincial sales tax to pull the government out of its sea of red ink. […]


CTF calling on politicians at all levels to take pay cuts

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation claims that Alberta politicians are paid too well and that their compensation should be cut, with the COVID-19 crisis being “a perfect time” to do so.
That’s according to a recently released commentary from the non-profit organization, which wants lower taxes and reduced government spending.