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Editorial: The prime minister needs to wake up and get a haircut

The headline of this article is a statement this publication agrees with – far from it in fact. We think the prime minister’s hair is OK as it is. But it is one that we have published nonetheless because freedom of the press gives us the right to make provocative, controversial and even ill-informed statements – published opinions that can freely criticize our municipal, provincial and federal leaders for the actions or inactions they take without fear of execution, jail time or even reprisal. […]

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Editorial & Opinion

Column: Introducing Tristan Turner, progressive columnist

As is well known, Alberta is not commonly perceived as a bastion of progressive political thought. From the rise of Canada’s most extreme, irrational and borderline comical provincial right-wing political party, to the establishment of unusually active right-wing policy analysis and advocacy groups – such as Sun News Network commentator Ezra Levant’s own ‘Ethical Oil’… […]