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Mr. and Mrs. Boddez provided an excellently choreographed question and answer regarding Morinville Pre-School Tiny-Tots [during the Oct. 13 All-Candidates forum]. Mr. Dafoe, you recently published an excellent unbiased article regarding this school. If the Town has such a “safety” concern, then is money really an issue. If Mr. Boddez wants to talk about “safety,” then why during his term on Council wasn’t a sidewalk installed between 101 Avenue and 105 Avenue on 100 Street? Many children and elderly are walking this street everyday. Why is there no crosswalk on 100 Street from 103 Avenue walking path. Many children use this daily and that number is only going to keep increasing.

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  1. Living in a safe community is expected by all residents and visitors.

    I have visited almost all of the households in Morinville. While talking with residents I have written down their comments. I have also received many emails from residents on the topic of safety. Safety is an issue raised most often during these conversations. As Councillor, I will ask Town Administration to prepare a report on safety issues in all areas of Town. The report will address how each safety issue is to be resolved. This will include roadway maintentance, sidewalk accessibility in all areas of Town (including the area on 100 Street you refer to), street lighting, cross-walks and lights, snow clearing, parks, walkways and etcetera.

    I noted many areas in Town where residents have raised safety issues and I will provide these to Administration for their report.

    Did you know the Town has a Traffic Safety Committee that meets regularly? If you have a traffic safety concern you can contact the Town office and ask that it be addressed. As Councillor, I will ensure that the activities and recommendations of that Committee are readily available to the public.

    As a long time resident and candidate for Councillor, safety is a priority for me. We need to be proactive in ensuring safety issues do not occur and resolving any existing issues.

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  3. Thank you for your comments regarding safety concerns. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to come to this recent forum and participate in this very democratic process.

    It is unfortunate that you recived the impression that the safety concern brought up by my wife surrounding the Tiny Tots location, was a choreographed question. I can assure you she is deinitely her own person, and like many people who live in this area of town, she has a longstanding issue about this safety concern. This safety issue was brought up to the council during this past term and unfortunately the cost of changeing this site took precedence over the potential safety hazard to our children. I did not vote to support this motion because I strongly belive that someone will get seriously hurt and as I stated at the forum, I do not want this to happen.

    During this campaign, I have had citizens of Morinville tell me that they are also concerned about this Tiny Tots location because they have nearly hit pedestrians crossing the street at this location when parents are picking up or arriving with their children. The sitelines are very poor because the street curves and cars park on both sides of the street leaving room for only one car to pass on the street.

    If you were to take the time to read my brochure (which can be accessed on an ad in this on line paper) you would see I make reference to some of the safety concerns north on 100St as well. I believe other candidates also feel this way. I would be happy to talk with you in more detail, at any time regarding your safety concerns.

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