Quinn’s Plumbing & Heating looking to help warm up a Morinville family with free furnace

by Stephen Dafoe

A Morinville family will find their heating bills a little lower next winter after Quinn’s Plumbing & Heating install a brand new furnace in their home free of charge.

The local business is reaching out to the community to nominate a local family that could use a helping hand in the present economy. Quinn’s will be using the upcoming Morinville & District Community Trade Show as an opportunity for people to drop off nomination forms (See Page 9 of Apr. 5 print edition) and to talk a bit about why they feel their nominee should get a free furnace and installation.

Quinn’s Plumbing & Heating is a longstanding family-owned business started in 1972 and taken over by Tim Quinn and his wife Cara in 1995.

“The community has always supported us. With the economic slowdown and the impact it’s had on people, we wanted to take this opportunity to support the community and give back,” Tim Quinn said. “That was the genesis of what we are doing here.”

Quinn said the recent carbon levy and future increases in the same are something affecting residents. The new furnace the company will give away and install will help a local family reduce the amount of gas used.
“The standard furnaces are anywhere from 50 to 60 per cent energy efficient, and typically oversized because that is the way things were done,” he said. “So you have two things going against you with the older equipment – it’s oversized, and it’s inefficient. It’s kind of like city and highway driving. It’s start and stop. It never gets its potential to run. The new equipment – we’re up at 95 to 98 per cent efficient and sized exactly right for the load in the house. We design now for equipment to be highway driving – if you will.”

Quinn said the double impact now is the more you spend on your heating bill, the more you will pay in carbon levy.

“There is a benefit in upgrading that equipment,” he said. “Although the government has not come out with an incentive to do it, they have actually come out with an incentive to do it – because if you don’t do it, it’s a punitive thing.”

Looking to give away a heating system

Quinn said the company realized putting in a new furnace was not something people do on a whim. Rather it is something people plan for or wind up doing in an emergency situation.

“What we’ve decided to do is working with my suppliers and my guys at the office – I’ve gotten a commitment out of my technicians and my suppliers to provide a new heating system for someone that needs it in town,” Quinn said. “We’ll supply – free of charge – a whole new heating system for someone who needs one.”

Quinn’s will have a booth at the upcoming Morinville & District Chamber of Commerce Community Trade Show Apr. 21 and 22. They are inviting residents to come forward with nominations for a family who could use the new furnace system.

“Everybody knows someone that needs a hand right now,” Quinn said. “We would like nominations dropped off at the Trade Show in our booth. After the Trade Show, we will pick one of those families to receive a new furnace.”

Although Quinn’s is focusing on the Trade Show as the time for nominations so he and his staff can hear more about why nominators feel their nominee is deserving; nominations can also be dropped off during business hours to Quinn’s Plumbing & Heating at 9923 101 Street.

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