National Column: Return of the ‘Nervous Nellies’

It may not feel that way now, but the high-pitched political debate over Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s tax changes to private corporations will likely end with proposals that could have both the Conservatives and the Liberals claiming victory. […]

Schools and youth

Gallup Great Workplace Award at MCHS

Last spring, Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools received the 2017 Gallup Great Workplace Award, an award that recognizes organizations for their “extraordinary ability to create engaged workplace cultures that drive business outcomes.” […]


National Column: Ottawa bans using info from torture

Agencies will be restricted in how they use intelligence received from foreign entities

The federal government has issued new regulations to Canada’s security agencies to restrict the use of intelligence possibly obtained through mistreatment or torture – unless the information is needed to prevent the loss of life.

Morinville News

Ask-a-Candidate: Morinville councillor candidates look ahead at the next four years

In the upcoming municipal election, there are seven candidates running for the six councillor positions available in Morinville. These candidates are hoping to serve residents for the next four years, a job that will take a lot of their time, that will require much effort, and one that will make them responsible for guiding and shaping the future and direction of the community. […]

Arts & Culture

Blanket exercise opportunity to learn and understand

Alberta Culture Days are on this weekend, offering a variety of events throughout the weekend.

One of the events scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. is the KAIROS Blanket Exercise, an interactive learning experience that teaches Indigenous rights history organizers say is rarely taught. […]


National Column: Singh can get hearing in Quebec

Bloc Quebecois Leader Martine Ouellet was not really trying to stop the campaign of presumed NDP front-runner Jagmeet Singh in its tracks when she suggested this week that he was too religious for the good of Quebec. […]