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Editorial – Time to spread the volunteer love

The Town of Morinville throws a big party once a year to recognize all the people who volunteer in the community by serving on boards, coaching kids in sports, organizing local events, and all the other things that people do to make this community…well… a community. The Town understands the importance of volunteers to the vibrancy of the community. We understand it, too. That’s why each year we write an article or two to let our readers know it is time to nominate people in the community … […]

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Local News

Morinville opens nominations for volunteer of the year

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Volunteers will once again be recognized this year for their efforts in doing their part to build a better Morinville. Nominations are currently open for several categories of volunteer recognition and residents have until Apr. 12 to put forth the names of those they deem worthy of that recognition… […]