Food for Thought Column: During the Holidays: Teach your kids how to bake safely

Besides taste-testing baked goods and treats during the busy holiday baking season, children also love to get their hands dirty and participate in the baking and cookie making process. Whether it’s helping mom frost her latest batch of red velvet cupcakes for her work holiday party or learning the family recipe for candy cane squares from dad, baking is a creative outlet that many children enjoy during the holiday season. […]


Food for thought column: Start the day strong with these grab-and-go breakfasts

(NC) Missed alarms, stubborn teenagers and spilt milk are just some of the reasons you and your kids might be missing a healthy breakfast. But building a menu of a few grab-and-go breakfast ideas can help you never miss it again. Here, Brittany Thomas, a registered dietitian at Loblaws, shares her favourite ready-to-eat breakfasts that will give your family a great start to the day. […]

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Food for thought: Toasted Coconut Trail Mix Bites

(NC) Trail mix is a year-round favourite that can be a great source of protein and heart-healthy fats. “Whip up a batch of these bite-size fruit and nut treats to keep in your fridge for a quick and satisfying car snack before the kids’ soccer game,” says Samara Foisy, registered dietitian for President’s Choice. “It’s easy to go over our recommended daily value of sodium, so I’ve chosen a trail mix with no salt added.”