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Morinville Public School held their annual Rock Show at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre Wednesday afternoon. Students and parents packed the hall and filled the bleachers for the hour-long performance.

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Roger Champagne Bike Ride pedals into 26th year

It has been many years since Roger Champagne was gunned down in Las Vegas by a man looking to feed his drug habit. But the Morinville man, well known for his kindness in the community, has never been forgotten by friends, family or the hundreds of Morinville Community High School (MCHS) students who were born some years after the man’s passing. Such is the legacy of Roger Champagne whose memory is honoured each year by MCHS students who take to the mountains for a bike ride that carries his name. For many of those years, the Champagne family has presented a bicycle to a student to take on the annual trip. […]

Arts & Culture

Week in photos so far

On Wednesday the CWL (Catholic Women’s League) sponsored and helped serve the HOWLS lunch for over 190 MCHS students. The HOWLS (Honor, Ownership, Welcoming, Leadership, Safety) lunch is something the school does every month to recognize students behaving in a positive manner. […]