National Column: What about royal transgressions?

Is there a statute of limitations on statues?

Do personalities of the past deserve amnesties after the fact, forgiving their transgressions while sanitizing their triumphs? Or must our founders be held to account, forcing their followers to admit that historical legacies are subject to latter day judgments? […]


National Column: Trudeau plays it safe with playlist

Justin Trudeau is having a rough summer. It turns out that a lot of Canadians aren’t thrilled about the federal government’s multimillion-dollar settlement payout to former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr, arguably the only public face in the nation more handsome than the prime minister’s. (Say what you want about Khadr, but he’s got great bone structure.) […]

Editorial & Opinion

Editorial: It’s time for a curfew in Morinville…

The recent rash of vandalism in Rotary Park and thefts from the Midstream Support Society had many people shaking their digital fists at “those damned kids” and their idle ways. Although there is no evidence as to the age of the culprits, the finger was immediately wagged at teens. Regardless of the age, the bad behaviour has some residents thinking – what’s the rest of the summer going to be like for property crimes?