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Food for thought: Toasted Coconut Trail Mix Bites

(NC) Trail mix is a year-round favourite that can be a great source of protein and heart-healthy fats. “Whip up a batch of these bite-size fruit and nut treats to keep in your fridge for a quick and satisfying car snack before the kids’ soccer game,” says Samara Foisy, registered dietitian for President’s Choice. “It’s easy to go over our recommended daily value of sodium, so I’ve chosen a trail mix with no salt added.”


Young Eagles soaring high at Villeneuve Airport

A local chapter of a youth aviation club called the EAA Young Eagles Program is holding a ‘Kids Fly Free Rally’ at the Villeneuve Airport on Aug. 26. The event, planned for children aged eight to 17-years-old, is meant to help spark an interest in flying; in some cases, this event gives kids the chance to go on their very first airplane ride.


National Column: Airports have to be more accountable

I’m generally on the side of comedian Louis C.K. who had a bit a few years ago in which he sounded off on people complaining about flying. In one version he says, “They’re like it was the worst day of my life: first of all we didn’t board for 20 minutes, and then we got on the plane and they made us sit there on the runway for 40 minutes.”